In Progress

2018 “’How Anthropo-scenic!’:
Concerns and Debates about the Age of the Human,” in Anthropocene: Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal, and Nicholas de Pencier. Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario; Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, in print.

2018 “The Future-Past, the Future-Present, the Future-Possible: The Chernobyl Exclusion Photographs of David McMillan.” In Through Post-Atomic Eyes. Edited by Claudette Lauzon and John O’Brian. Montreal; Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, in peer review.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

(2017) “‘These Diminished Waters’: Conservation, Camera Hunting, and Settler/Indigenous Conflict in Lorene Squire’s Wildfowl Photographs of Northern Canada.” Journal of Canadian Art History, 36/2 (2015): 56-91.

(2016) “Border Lines and Crossing Points: A Response to Andreas Rutkauskas’ Photographs of the Canadian-U.S. Border.” North x West, a special issue of Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, 7/1, Web.

(2016) “Cecil the Lion’s Networked Image: The Post-Photographic Media Ecology of Environmental Concern.” Special Issue of Captures. Figures, théories et pratiques de l’imaginaire 1/1 (Spring), Web.

(2016) “Producing and Publishing ‘The Banff Purchase’: Nationalism, Pedagogy, and Professionalism in Contemporary Canadian Art Photography, 1979.” Networked Art History, a special issue of Journal of Canadian Art History, 36/1 (2015): 76-101.

(2011) “Questionable Moral Geographies: The Human-Animal Landscapes of Gregory Colbert.”Psychogeographies, Autumn (2011). Web. PDF: McManus – 2011 – Questionable Moral Geographies

(2011) “Objective Landscapes: The Mediated Evidence of Repeat Photography.” Edited by Suzanne Paquet, Intermédialités: histoire et théorie des artes, des lettres et des techniques 17/Printemps (2011): 105–118.  Web accessible through Érudit. PDF:

(2009) “The Environment in the Museum: the Rhetoric of Photographic Landscapes in Imaging a Shattering Earth: Contemporary Photography and the Environmental Debate,” in Interculture: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Journal, Political Ecologies, 6/2 (Fall 2009): 136 – 148. PDF: McManus – 2009 – The Environment in the Museum

Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

(2017) “Above, Below, and Behind the Camera: the Perspective of Animals.” In From Ego to Eco. Mapping Shifts from Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism. Edited by Tina Pusse and Sabine Müller. Amsterdam; New York: Brill Press 201-214.

Group-authored Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

(2015) Martha Langford, Elizabeth Cavaliere, Phillipe Guillaume, Karla McManus, Sharon Murray, and Aurèle Parisien. “Imaged Communities: Putting Canadian Photographic History in its Place.” Journal of Canadian Studies 49/2 (2015): 296-354.

Exhibition Catalogues

(2013) “The Natural World That Remains to be Seen (and Experienced).” Exhibition catalogue text for Genviève Chevalier’s Orford: Territoire Insulaire/Orford: Insular Territory at Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, Ontario, January 24-March 9, 2014. PDF: McManus – 2014 – The Natural World That Remains to be Seen

See Geneviève Chevalier’s website for more about this project:

(2013) “Revealing Landscape from Sea to Surface: the photography of Andreas Rutkauskas and Jessica Auer.” Exhibition catalogue text for Sea to Surface, at Evans Contemporary, Peterborough, Ontario, May 23 – June 30, 2013.!sea-to-surface—text/c164x

(2008) “The Way of the Cross” and “The Art of the Woodblock,” in Black Against White: John J.A. Murphy, Master of the Modern Wood Engraving. Edited by Diana Nemiroff, 5-6; 10. Ottawa: Carleton University Art Gallery, 2008.


(2015) “Eco-Photography: Picturing the Global Environmental Imaginary in Space and Time.” Dissertation. Concordia University.


(2009) “Neutralized Landscapes and Critical Spaces: An Analysis of Contemporary Landscape Photography and Environmentalism in the Art Museum.” M.A. Thesis, Carleton University. Theses Canada abstract.

Collaborative Research Projects
Founding Research Member, Canadian Photography History/Histoire de la photographie canadienne, a SSHRC-funded digital humanities research project based at the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, 2010-2015.
(2008)  Exhibition curated by Deborah Kirk, Katy Laird, Stephanie Martel, Katy MacIntyre, Karla McManus, Carly Riordan, Wendy Salisbury, and Curtis Wolfe. Black Against White: John J.A. Murphy, Master of the Modern Wood Engraving.Ottawa: Carleton University Art Gallery, 2008.


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